The Wall Between Us

Why is opening up such a difficult concept for me to grasp?

I preach all day to others to be open and TRU, but at the end of the day it is one of my greatest flaws. I have had three separate individuals approach me this week with the same exact concerns. They confessed their frustration with my inability to allow myself to become vulnerable with them. As I am listening to what they are saying I can't help but wonder how it got this bad.

I guess I have somehow grown accustomed to the wall I place firmly in front of my emotions and have consequently become numb. I figured if I painted the picture brightly enough, no one would notice the cracks in the wall behind it.

Why is it so hard to reveal how we truly feel? Why do we build walls of security and refuge in a war that is only being fought within ourselves?

I am concluding that despite all I believe to be true, that in fact, I deem vulnerability as a weakness in myself. While in reality, I know it is the single greatest factor in building meaningful relationships and even more in being TRU.

So this message is my first official attempt to break down the wall inside of me that is keeping both you and me out.

1 comment:

  1. Vulnerability is NOT a flaw. It is a positive path to self-awareness, sensitivity, and honesty. Most of us have erected walls around our heart to protect us from hurt and pain. I have learned that the walls are destructive and serve no purpose. Sounds as if you are attempting to crack the wall you have unconsciously built around your deepest feelings. It is a good sign and very courageous of you. You won't regret it. Letting others in may assist you on your road to Truality for yourself.