Un Momento

Everything changes in a single moment of realization.

And it is in this moment, where the defining line that once divided you from your future will begin to slowly fade away.

It will fade right through the past which no longer can define who you are or what your worth.
It will fade along with all of the so-called mistakes and heartbreaks you've felt along the way.
This moment will fade out all of the voices who told you that you weren't good enough
And this moment will keep you fighting, fighting for another day

You'll fight for all the people who no longer have the strength to.
You'll fight for all of those whose spirits are all that remain.
You'll fight for the little girl or boy inside of you who used to believe anything was possible.
And you'll fight until there is nothing more standing between who you are and all that you are meant to be

And once that moment truly hits, you'll realize.... everything you are is all you ever needed to be