The Easy Way Out

Right before I turned to run away, something brought me back... back to myself.

Why is it so easy to run from the possibility of failure or even better yet, the idea or success? In this rat race of self-discovery we fight any possibility of ever becoming more then we are right now and we act as if our potential isn't 400 feet in front of us, about to lap us on the track.

Yes we have those moments where the finish line is in sight, but we are so afraid of what is on the other side that too often we take ourselves out of the race altogether. And this way we never have to know if we were going to make it or not and we can go through life without ever having to risk anything at all, especially failure.

So we put our hands over our head and choke up a few excuses of exhaustion or bad running shoes and proceed to throw in the towel. We retreat back to the starting line where we may or may not have the courage to begin again, but at least this way we won't have to watch as others finish in front of us.

We are safe in our resting place and have nothing to lose. And because we have nothing to lose, we will never have anything worth gaining, so we must ask ourselves which is worse... the risk of failure or the risk to succeed?