Alone, But Not Lonely

Strutting into a crowded room, she throws back her shoulders, lifts her chin and smiles widely through her eyes. She struggles to fill her lungs with as much air as they can hold, before slowly releasing it…one…two...she is bombarded by high status socialites.

One drink after another, the faces surrounding her become blurred into false representations of a good time.

If she leaves now, she can escape the immoral decisions that lay ahead, but not after one more drink.

She hits the floor before she is able to discover that the door has just been slammed shut behind her.

It’s cold outside and her fingertips stumble to button her coat.

Men beg to take her back to their place where they can try and comfort her through her disarray, but she is no longer in the mood to entertain.

She steals a light that ignites her nightly nicotine fix and winks back at the men who fall like snow behind her, disappearing into one another; reminding her that they’re all the same.

Head down and eyes mirroring the reflection of small puddles filling the streets below, she looks away trying to avoid facing herself.

Headphones drown out the sounds from the outside world as they take her to that place; her place…her sanctuary.

She is alone, but not lonely. For the sky is full of hopeful dreams, and tonight, she is determined her stars will fly.