Free Yourself, You "Tough" Sissy Lala's

Recently, I have been noticing how many people I know (including myself), who are afraid to say or do what they really feel.

It's as if we are all terrified of making ourselves vulnerable, so we hide behind false illusions of security and contentment because we don't want to risk being denied, or not having our feelings reciprocated. But if we are all supposedly so "tough" then what are we really afraid of?


Let's be real, what's the worst that can happen if we don't land that dream job, or the person we love doesn't feel the same way for us? Would it leave a scar, force us to the emergency room for a handful of stitches or a big burly cast? Would facing the truth and ultimately being let down lead us off the edge, behind bars or strapped down in a mental institution?

Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise to be rejected or turned down, because it can be the only way you know it's not meant to be and that it's time to move on towards the person or thing that is. As much as it pains us, the truth slapping us across the face can be the perfect wake up call that we need in order to stop loitering around and start living our lives wholeheartedly. It may be just the right push to help us let go of all that was, and all that was never meant to be.

It is sooo easy to stay complacent in the unknown because we can't get hurt there, but if we always stay standing still, then how would we ever be able to get to the other side? In seeking the truth, what we discover may not always be exactly what we were hoping for, but nonetheless, it'll be the truth, and as some clever mind once said' The truth is what will set you free."

Free to move on, free to let go and free to let in.

So stop being a Sissy Lala and free yourself, the world awaits you... :)

Stay TRU <3