My Lil' Miracle Man

Whatever you are doing at this very moment, whether your eyes are anxiously scouring over these words, or your fingers are fiddling with a piece of paper, if you allow yourself to fall slowly into each passing breath you can actually feel the presence that reminds you that you are here.

"The rest of my life is going to last as long as I can hold my breath"

Each day we find ourselves struggling for purpose, paying the bills, fighting with family members, laughing with friends and yet how often do we actually feel that we exist?

Yesterday I found myself watching an 8 pound newborn take his first breaths and for a brief moment, it was as if nothing else in the world mattered but his presence. We had only just met and I could already feel the love I had for him fighting back tears of joy and appreciation for his mere existence. I immediately wanted to protect him from all of life's inevitable pain, capture all of his innocence, lock it away in a safe and throw away the key.

How could I possibly love someone so much? Especially since this person has yet to know I (or even he) even exists yet! I guess this is what life is all about...

These miraculous moments where we care more about each other then we do for ourselves. Where we can actually feel a love so powerful that its pain can bring you to your knees and yet its beauty can take you to a place in yourself that not even you knew existed.

Here's to my family's newborn Miracle Man and all of the other miracles we keep breathing for every day...