What Defines You?

So many of us spend our entire lives trying to fix or forget small insignificant moments in time that have somehow managed to redefine who we are.

Whether it is the moment we foolishly got behind the wheel of a car while we were under the influence, or when we first saw our father's lay a hand on our mother. Or maybe it is the moment we gave away our innocence, cheated on a test, or the time we watched in silence as the person we loved walked out of our lives.

We go through our day's replaying these small moments over and over in our heads, wishing we could change or even wish them away altogether. We allow them to torture and build walls of resentment against us and no-matter how hard we try, we never seem to wholeheartedly forgive ourselves, even if it happened a really long time ago.

For anyone who is still holding a grudge against those small moments where you made a mistake, left someone behind or forgot who you were, don't allow these fallen remnants of time determine who you are and what kind of life you deserve... Leave that to all of the millions of seconds that follow after... for those are the moments that will truly define you...Those are the moments that matter most.