Abandon ship even though it's scary as shit

I wish we could tear out pages in our lives as easily as we do in our journals. Leaving little to no trace of its painful existence.

Perhaps beginning a new page entirely is better then trying to twine together all the missing pieces. Accepting that what was lost is now gone forever and all we have left is the empty spaces of a new blank page… awaiting our arrival

Change is scary as shit. Charles Darwin once said,
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change”

Eventhough change is never easy for anyone, how fun would life really be if the tides didn’t throw us overboard every once in awhile?

So what if you are a horrible swimmer and prone to sea sickness? It doesn’t matter if you have to pant like a dying fish until your floppy fins turn into wings, sometimes that is what it takes in order to fly.

We have to be willing to go outside of ourselves in order to tap into who we can truly become.

And if pain is what it takes to redefine the mess we've made of our lives, then I guess its a good time we start toughenin' up

Imma Do It

We are our own worst enemy. Make no mistake about it, our skin is the prison we are in.

We are the ones who build bars of seclution and isolation from the people we love and dreams we have yet to allow ourselves to pursue.

Sure we can come up with a laundry list of excuses as to why we can't do or be with the people we really want, but at the end of the day...we know we are the only ones who stand in the way of ourselves. So why do we so often torture ourselves with a lifetime sentence of confinement?

Perhaps we are afraid.

We are afraid to fail, and yet we are afraid to succeed. We are afraid to venture outside of our comfort zone and at the same time we are afraid of standing still, or even worse-standing alone.

But what will happen if we break out of the steel bars and barbed wires we so cowardly place in front of our fear and actually fight for the person inside we know we can be?

If we are all hidden or driven by fear, who would we be...?

Un Momento

Everything changes in a single moment of realization.

And it is in this moment, where the defining line that once divided you from your future will begin to slowly fade away.

It will fade right through the past which no longer can define who you are or what your worth.
It will fade along with all of the so-called mistakes and heartbreaks you've felt along the way.
This moment will fade out all of the voices who told you that you weren't good enough
And this moment will keep you fighting, fighting for another day

You'll fight for all the people who no longer have the strength to.
You'll fight for all of those whose spirits are all that remain.
You'll fight for the little girl or boy inside of you who used to believe anything was possible.
And you'll fight until there is nothing more standing between who you are and all that you are meant to be

And once that moment truly hits, you'll realize.... everything you are is all you ever needed to be