Empty Reflections

Standing in front of her mirrored reflection, she is unrecognizable, even to herself.

Who is this girl staring back at me? I do not recognize the darkness in her eyes or the sound of her voice as it cries out for me to save her. I can’t save her. No one can. She has succumb to her own misery and now, she has fallen prisoner to the reigns of her past.

I can see the scars that lay like bandages across her heart and I know she has given up. She cries out that she is too weak, too defeated and that she has nothing left worth fighting for.

What do you mean you are giving up? Don’t you remember how beautiful you once were and how your infectious spirit was going to set the world on fire? What happened to that girl you used to be?

Silenced in sadness, she said nothing.

I could feel her sorrow pour out of the tears that left stains down the sides of her face. She had allowed the pain from her mistakes to cripple her once, unparallel strength.

Please don't give up

If only she would strip away the many layers of sadness that have fallen like a veil over her eyes, then she would be able to see through to me; to see through to herself.

If only she would let go and let in... let me in.. Then maybe, just maybe, she would know that she is not alone. And that no-matter how far she falls into the darkness of her own demise...She never will be.

Stay TRU!