The Inevitable Crossroads

There comes a point in everyone's life where standing still is no-longer an option. It is the point where you must decide once and for all which direction your life is going to go. The tired excuses of why you shouldn't do what you want begin to drown out in the distance and you are left with nothing more than the silence of this moment and the decision that only you can make. You are officially at a crossroad.

Going left may appear never ending and run you into a whirlwind of turns that have you befriending your closest friend 'curiosity' and 'dare devil.' While continuing straight may bore you into your love to hate buddy 'rebellion'.

Perhaps if you flip a bitch and go backwards you may just find a safe landing space right next to your good ol pals ' 'comfort' and 'security.' Or maybe its best if you just steer right, right into your 'good intentions' and 'safe' amigos. Either way, you'll be the one sitting in the drivers seat and manning the radio station of your favorite muses to help guide you along the way.

Wouldn't life be so much easier if such decisions never needed to be made? As if we had a life chauffeur who would direct us on our journey through life and objectively make all of our big grown up decisions for us?

We turn to our closest friends and relatives when we are faced at such a crossroads, begging with the desperation behind our eyes for them to help us. But in the trunk of our hearts, we know the answer is buried beneath all of the old rubbish and spare tires; it has been waiting there the whole time for us to discover it.

We must fight through the clutter and empty thoughts that swell in our mind of what society's vision of what is best for us. We must throw out others opinions and simply ask ourselves what we want.

But I can guarantee the answers have been there waiting the whole time. It just takes the courage to unravel the truth to get you there. So strap on your seat belt and get ready to enjoy the greatest ride of your life... and for once let go of the wheel and let fate take you where your heart wants to go...