A Risk Worth Taking

What does it mean, when we find out everything we have worked so hard to achieve isn’t going to work out for us after all?

What happens when the rope that we've been taking strides of faith on for the past few months has finally taken its toll and broke in half… Leaving us terrified in the unknown and with nothing more than a firm grip of desperation to try and tie together the broken ends of our future.

Where is the line between having faith and not losing ourselves in selfish expectations that risk us falling to our ultimate demise?

Someone recently said to me, “I don’t ever expect anything from anyone, that way I am never disappointed and can’t get hurt”

But the more I pondered this philosophy, the more I couldn’t help but wonder where the hope in a person lies if they refuse to let their imagination lay in anything other then certainty? Where is the joy in accomplishment if you never truly risk anything in order to get it?

I've come to realize that there are only three choices you have after your world has fallen a part in front of you... go backwards, stay standing still, or use your pain and discomfort to drive you forward. Just know that as much as you'll fear the thin line that stands between your future and present pain, you're never truly living if you're not taking any risks.

So even when you find yourself losing balance... keep holding on, because you're always worth the risk it'll take to get you where you deserve to be.

And always remember that “If you’re not living on the edge… you’re taking up to much space” ☺

Stay TRU <3