Recently I found myself at the top of a snow-covered mountain, looking down at my terrifying fate and wobbling my long legs down its icy slopes.

What if my dumb knee gives out or I crash into someone? What if I don’t know how to stop and I fall so hard that I snap my neck and die?

That’s when I saw a group of little kids under the age of 5, snowboarding down this same life threatening slope that I was, but they were flying right past me as if it were no big deal.

This is Bull crap! How in the world are they making this look so easy?!!

I was pissed.

I didn’t understand how such young children could be so confident and brave. Didn’t they realize they could break a bone, or tear a ligament, or even fall on their faces and make fools of themselves for the whole world to see!?

Then it hit me, of course they didn’t think of those things because all they cared about was learning and having fun with the experience. They didn’t allow their fears to run or control their lives like we big, boring adults so often do, and they definitely didn’t care what other people thought of them.

This realization started to make me resent these fearless little snowboarders, and all children for that matter!

I became jealous of kids imaginations and the way they could look at a plain, yellow, narrow pencil and turn it into a sword to fight off vampires and evil assassins with. I envied the way my nieces and nephews can look at an unmade bed and instead of wanting to make it look stiff and presentable, they’d rather rip off its sheets and transform it into a superhero cape, a shield, or even a tent to camp out in for the night.

When did we stop being fun and start being so painfully serious?

When did a cardboard box stop becoming our favorite fort house and how old did we have to get, before forgetting the secret tree house we carved our best friends initials in?

A + J = BFF

Who would have ever thought that the true gatekeepers to happiness were the very people we once were ourselves; kids!

So take your inner child on a walk today and welcome all of the adventure, mystery and the danger that comes your way …because as long as we never lose sight of our childish enthusiasm, then not only will we be doing a lot more cannonballs in the pools this summer, but we won’t ever miss out on all of the real fun that life has to offer ☺

“The best part of being young is that we are too inexperienced to know that we can’t possibly do the things that we’re doing”

Stay TRU :)