You're A Jerk!

While attempting to catch up on some work yesterday at the park, two young boys decided to plant themselves under the same gazebo I was sitting under. At first glance these boys looked like two little thugs who wanted to start trouble, but after a few minutes of them invading my newfound territory I discovered that they simply wanted someone to talk to.

I could have easily been a jerk and stuck my head in my work, but instead I gave them my full attention. After a few minutes of random chatter they asked what I was working on and I handed them a link to my website…. and that is when it happened. That moment you have been waiting oh so patiently to occur for what feels like forever.

One of them blurted out “I know Truality they are tight as hell!!” and then continued to tell his friend how ‘cool’ we were.

It was in that moment where the smile I tucked behind my eyes had to be as big as my college debt (which let me assure is quite a lot)! It was such an unexpected response that can only be compared to the first time you hear your song on the radio. Its as if that dream that has been nestled up next to your tireless work hours, countless sacrifices and unwavering faith has finally made its way out of your head and into the world. That your dream is no longer a figment of your imagination, it has successfully flown out of the nest.

The boys and I continued to talk about their dreams and reasons behind their constant need to get suspended from school and seek out trouble. It was easy to have them open up about their anger and frustrations at the world because I think they sensed I was not judging them. They even got comfortable enough to show me some hip dance moves (how to jerk) and although I didn’t win America's Favorite Dancer, I felt a long awaited sense of validity in my work.

They asked me a few times “Why are you so cool to kids?” And I quickly responded “Why shouldn’t I be?” and with their heads turned down to the floor they became silent. I often wonder this same question myself and as my Aunt once told me, she says its because I don't want anyone to go through what I did growing up.

Either way, I think it was a monumental afternoon for all three of us. They felt respected by an ‘adult’ (which is clearly something they did not feel on a regular basis) and I felt grateful for their ability to show me what I have been needing to see for quite some time. They reminded me that what I’m doing does have meaning and although I am not at the highest point in my career yet, I know I am for once on the right path to get there.

It's amazing what a lil jerkin around can do :)