I Dare You...

I dare you to tell every person you care about that you love them (right now)

I dare you to eat your favorite dessert with an extra slab of whip cream

I dare you to tell yourself you’re pretty when you have no makeup on

I dare you dance around naked in your room

I dare you to believe that you deserve more then you give yourself credit for

I dare you to sleep alone tonight and enjoy the time by yourself

I dare you to pay attention to each breath you take for a whole minute straight

I dare you to go a day without your phone, ipod or computer

I dare you to not feel sorry for yourself

I dare you to wear bright pink or bold red (anything that doesn’t resemble black)

I dare you to buy yourself a rose

I dare you to smile at your own reflection

I dare you to laugh out loud in public

I dare you to light a candle and soak in a luke warm bath (by yourself)

I dare you to smile proudly as you put lotion on every corner of your body

I dare you to let yourself cry

I dare you to be brave

I dare you not let someone else define your worth

I dare you to let yourself be happy

I dare you to be TRU

I tripple doggy dare you to love yourself

But even more, I dare you to let go and let in...


  1. I love this "I Dare You" blog. Now I dare you to take your own advice, especially the last one! <3

  2. That was very insightful and intriguing poem. You captivated my imagination with every word. I think this a poem everyone women should read as they wake up in the morning.

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  4. I dare you to do what you love with all your heart without identifying with it, without letting it define who you are.

    I dare you to take the next step, even when you just took a giant one.

    I dare you to expose your weakness' to the world (absolute vulnerability)especially to those you teach

    I dare you to speak to a random stranger on the beach at sunset and dare them to share something they have never told anyone before

    -I Love You with a smile and a laugh out loud