Dream Walkers

When your dreaming with your eyes wide open it is near impossible to find time to rest. With your heart on your sleeve you wipe away tears of frustration and fatigue as they fight their way down your face. You know there is no real place to put those moments of weakness that tempt you back into complacent sleep, so you just tuck them away for another day.

As the hours fade into the night, the only thing keeping you awake is that pen and your dreams. Its ink will leave trails of a fortune to follow and you'll lose yourself within its pages. And soon you'll find yourself in a sea of dissembled words and forgotten phrases that leave you standing alone on the last page. But you can’t trace back your steps, dream walkers never can.

So you’ll open your eyes once again and dream while your wide-awake.

You’ll dream of a new beginning, or even a better end. You’ll dream you knew where you were going or better yet where you’ve been. You’ll dream of the day you weren’t standing alone, or even more, you’ll dream of a path that could lead you back home…

Just make sure you dream with your eyes wide open and that this dream is all your own.