My Nana

There is this beautiful and incredibly talented young woman who reminds me everyday who I am and even more, what type of person I want and deserve to be.

She brings color and laughter to my world as she forces out the best parts of me. Her mere presence takes me back to my inner child that I so often tend to neglect....There is never a dull moment when we're stuck together.

This morning, I had to watch as this crazy little ball of energy flew away on a plane that will bring her that much closer to her dreams. She will be moving to the University of Hawaii where she has dreamed of playing soccer for a long time. And although it is insanely painful to watch her go, her ability to fight for what she wants in this life has inspired me to never settle for anything less than everything!

I have watched her fall, break and sacrifice everything to make this dream come true and even though there were many times she wanted to give up, through it all, she has finally made it happen! It wouldn't make a difference if she dreamed to be a movie star, a dancer ("Heeere's Breezy") or the secretary of state, what matters most is that she had the courage and passion to follow her dreams wholeheartedly. She didn't take the easy way out and she didn't give up when things got hard. She never once waited around for life to hand her anything, she made her dreams come true all on her own.

This amazing young woman is destined for greatness and this journey of hers is only the beginning...

And I am so grateful and proud to be able to call this kooky little person who I look up to most my baby sister.

Te quiero mucho Bobby Boy

Steroids + Scrawny

su estrella estaba destinado a brillar hermana, así que ve la luz de este mundo en el fuego .