Worth the Fight?

Why is it so EASY to be HARD on ourselves?

I'm too fat!
My hair looks gross!
I'm so stupid!
Who would ever love me?!

It's as if being hard on ourselves is a full time job that we can't afford to miss the pay cut for.

But when it comes to being positive and confident, it can be the single greatest challenge of our day.

I am beautiful?
I look good in these jeans?
I deserve a good man?
I deserve a raise!?

It's as if the second we start to believe we're talented, or God forbid beautiful we tense up like a ball of frazzled stress and start running back to our old BFF Negative Nancy. Do we enjoy torturing ourselves or is it something we've grown so accustomed to that we don' know how to reverse the painful cycle?

I figure if self-worth and confidence is something I can only achieve if I work at it, I mine as well put up a really good fight in the process. Because let's face it ladies, we are feisty little creatures already! We constantly fight each other, fight our men, our parents and siblings and even the employees at work get a little of our wrath every once in a while...So why not redirect some of that energy and start fighting for ourselves?

Who Knows? We may even find out we're worth it!