Life, The Unexpected

Last week, after beating up and bruising my poor little ego to the bone, I decided I needed a cleanse.

I needed to drain out all of the excess stress and self-defeating talk out of my exhausted psyche and pour in a new bath of lukewarm courage and bubbled faith.

I realized that I can't continue to obsess over all that I can't control and I need to learn to have a little faith. Fate can be such a tricky concept to master because it requires trust and belief, definitely a difficult task for me to grasp.

In life, we go through our days controlling everything; what time we wake up, whether or not we eat a healthy breakfast or have no breakfast at all. We decide what to wear, where to park and how enthused we will walk into our work. We determine how hard we are going to work that day or if we are even going to work at all. We get to pick who we come home to at night, a lover, friend, family member, ourselves, or even a Boston Terrier, and then we get the luxury of deciding how much love we are going to give them once we get there.

Whether we accept it or believe it or not, we are in control of just about every aspect of our lives and especially the attitudes that we carry in them. So what happens when the unexpected occurs? A tragedy? A miracle? Does that mean we lose driving privileges in the front seat of our own lives, or does life's unexpectedness signify a brand new vehicle in which we must now learn to take control?

Things happen we do not expect and people hurt us in ways we can not predict, but when someone or something tells you that you no longer have control of your future, don't take a back seat to their prediction and instead, fight to take control of the life that is rightfully yours. Don't sit back idly and watch as the unpredictable, uninvited, and unworthy stomp their way into your territory. Take control of all that you can control and leave the rest up to that little friend we so often like to neglect, and have yourself a little Faith.

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