Where All The Real Women At???

Why do I always find myself seeking powerful women through fictional characters, deceased authors and famous musicians and entertainers? Is there a shortage of real women out there or is everyone hiding behind their 9-5’s, relationship partners and private journal entries?

Last night was the first time in what feels like forever that I didn’t have to search Utube or Google to find female inspirational success stories. I was able to sit down with an actual women who “walks the talk.”

This women (and you know who you are), was a perfect dose of strength and independence to get me through what appears like a dry season of powerful women. She does not sing and dance at the Grammy’s or write bestselling novels about the women she wishes to be…She is real, she is strong and the best part is, she has a vagina!

So this is a public service announcement calling all REAL women to rise up and ‘be about it” (myself included)! I’m tired of feeling as though our gender is surrendering our tru potential to the men we date, children we have, jobs we suffer at and bills we have to pay.

When did we forget to remember ourselves? The women we wanted to be before tainted by societal norms, broken hearts and girl on girl crime.

When will we stop excusing ourselves from a life much different then the ones we truly want?

And lets face it there is never a good time to start, but if we don't go after the things we want now...Will we ever?

And as Maya Angelou would say “Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.”

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  1. The reality of being strong is actually that which society deems weak! That is why I fight it!!! Ironically the same is true for the human with a penis, but we are brainwashed into thinking that if we feel and express our dammed up feelings that somehow we are weak! Like the dam will break and we will live with a consequence that is negative and unnecessary and shunned by a society that values money and trinkets! F that! Humanity requires emotion and you and I need to realize this because every single person, tree, bird, salmon, salamander that is disappearing today depends on this need to feel emotionally connected to the earth and all the life on it! I fear that if we don't realize this that the earth as we know it will soon disappear! I admire that you as a young woman with a vagina have reached this place of strength and drive that I didn't have at your age! It is ok to be "weak" according to civilization's definition because that is how you will grow and inspire more humans than you do already!! I am proud of you and I am connected to you and can pull you back off the brink when you need me! We vaginas need to stick together and teach the juvenile vaginas and penis in the world that "weak" is necessary and without it life as it is will change drastically!! Keep on kicking ass sista! Here's to exposed mammaries!! We are in this together and together we shall conquer!! Peace and love!!!